Jessie Lang

Senior Partner&SVP of User eXperience and Delivery
Experience and innovation lead us to the vast future.

As one of the earliest professional practitioners in user experience in China, she has accumulated 20-year experience in product experience and service experience in the fields of e-commerce consumption (such as: eBay, Wal-Mart No.1), financial payment (such as: Shengpay, Wanda Kuaiqian), data service platform, O2O service platform, etc. She has rich experience in team building and management regarding user experience, and has also worked as the chief experience advisor during the transformation or upgrade period for a number of enterprises. She has been engaged in and played a leading role in lots of actual cases, from the strategic approach to the implementation, from product polishing to core user growth, as well as control on the whole process operation level. When it comes to work and collaboration, she always upholds “transfer user experience from abstract concepts to specific practices, and make our professionalism play its actual role during the growth of enterprise in a practical way”.