Jason Huang is invited to give a keynote speech at PM-China


The first 'PM-China' product management forum will be held on November 17, where cutting-edge views on the latest developments and applications in the product management, design and innovation sectors will be expressed. Successful experiences will be shared and the best practical cases will be discussed in depth to interpret the meaning and essence of the mission, 'product changes the world'. 

The Forum, which gathers well-known user experience experts with in the industry such as Silicon Valley's top product master, eBay's former vice product president Marty Cagan, renowned UI master and GUI design pioneer Jeff Johnson, also extends an invitation to Jason Huang, TANG's founder& principal consultant, and a director of the International User Experience Industry Association. On November 18, Jason Huang will attend the forum and make a keynote speech titled 'A Product Development Process Driven by User Experience' to discuss with fellow colleagues about the fundamental driving force of the product development process.

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