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On December 26th,2012, TANG User Experience Consulting CEO Jason Huang made a speech titled 'Breakingthe Rules' at Tencent E-Commerce Design (ECD). Over 150 Tencent E-CommerceCustomer Experience designers, researchers, design managers and productmanagers participated in the meeting,and Tencent ECD Assistant General ManagerLiu Yi was also present. JasonHuang analyzed UX's concept from a newperspective, shared whole process cases of experience-driven innovation that peerswere concerned about, and carried out an in-depth analysis of the relationsbetween PM and UX and the cross-channel experience. He also gave emphasis tothe "corporate user experiencematurity model" that he first introduced to the industryin China.

Jason Huang explained the formation of UXvalues throughout his ten-year industry experience, and proposed UX's development trends - systematic, strategic and routine.He took the Eben E-Handwriting Tablet as an example to explain productexperience positioning centered on customer experience and the design practiceattempts, which enabled participants to clearly understand the innovationprocess and what experience-driven innovation was. Later, Jason Huangcontributed the following views in the Q&A part.

Does Apple Inc. conductuser research?

This is a controversialquestion and Jason Huang shared his communication with Apple User Experience evangelistMark Kawano. Apple has removed a special user research team, but its functionsare undertaken by the designer team. A truly professional user experiencedesigner is able to implement and analyze basic user research. A large-scalequalitative research is completed by an internal or external expert team.

Who should dominate thedesign in product innovation, PM or UX?

Jason Huang believes thatPM and UX are in the same family and their close cooperation is required. PM isa non-fixed position, and a qualification - whether it be R&D, design orproject management, anyone who meets the requirements can be the PM of aproduct. He also said bluntly that a majority of PMs of many enterprises wereactually more of project managers than product managers. A true product manageris responsible for product vision, strategy, roadmap, market feedbackmonitoring and product adjustment and this is the ultimate goal of a true topUX talent. By taking the film industry as an example, Jason Huang vividly explained the similarity between UX's positioning and value inproduct/service innovation sector and the director of a movie and otherspecialized fields. He thinks that an ideal product manager needs all-round UXcapabilities and that we should valueactual work contents and positioning than a title.

What is cross-channelexperience research and design?

Experience doesn't only focus on the product interface, but also the ecosystem,channels and touch points. Regarding current Internet companies'focus on quantitative results,Jason Huang shared the ideas and methods of Cross-Channel Experience Researchand Design and explained the methods and processes by using the case of the e-serviceexperience research, planning and design project based on multiple channelssuch as web, app and mobile web.It's concluded that from a user experience perspective, corporate departmentsshouldn't separate the product experience of different channels such as PC andwireless channels.

How can you persuade yourcustomer/boss to use your plan or design?

As an external userexperience consultant, how can you accurately understand customer needs,develop a proper solution and persuadethe customer? Jason Huang's view is a step-by-step development of equalcommunication and proposition of a complete solution instead of simply an ideaand positive persuasion. At the end of the speech, Jason Huang talked about thevalue and positioning of user experience for an enterprise, that is, anenterprise's understanding of the true nature of user experience. He proposedthat experience was, above all, a way of thinking, that is, the experiencethinking, so it was more of a strategy than design. Enterprises should absorb the experience thinking and methods todevelop a proper user experience system based on its industry, internalorganization & culture, staff quality and development stage. Jason Huangfurther shared the industry research project of the Chinese Enterprise UserExperience Maturity Model, which was overseen by him when working for UXPAChina, and the results of the research of the first round of 24 well knowndomestic and foreign enterprises.

Throughout the speech, nobodywanted to leave, but only had a desire for knowledge and pleasant laughter.There is a quote from Tencent ECD Assistant General Manager Liu Yi's, Jason Huang gave us a great speech. I'm fortunateto hear Jason Huang personally explain the development trends of the entireuser experience industry. This is also the first time that I have gained anin-depth understanding of TANG's design cases. It's excellent. Especially inthe last part, the shared experience of collecting issues in advance hasbenefited me and all Tencent ECD colleagues. 

The integration of userexperience into an enterprise's existing mechanismis an inevitable trend. The integration of a new thinking will definitelyinfluence original cooperation and interest, so "breaking the rules" is a must. What we breakis the existing stereotype of innovative thinking, the process, framework andpower.

——Jason Huang

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