Localized theme for Samsung smartphones.

Android-based theme design


Since the launch of the first Galaxy Smodel in 2010, Samsung has swept the world with its Galaxy series and become a prominent cellphone brand. To constantly improve product details and expand the leadership advantages in the increasingly intense market, especially meeting the needs of the Chinese market, Samsung teamed up with TANG in 2013. They wanted to create two built-in themes for localization of its new-generation flagship model Galaxy Note 3. The built-in themes were later widely used inother hot-selling models in the Chinese market.

Design Process

Style exploration

At the beginning of the project, Samsung carried out much research with a focus on the most popular theme styles in the current consumer market. We conducted extensive exploration of visual styles based on two style directions-Classic and Casual. We brainstormed the meanings of the key words, conducting semantic classification and finally transferring abstract words to emotional elements and visual symbols through an emotion board.

Design awareness

Our understanding of  'Classic' originated from our recognition of excellent designs in history. To accurately express the true meanings of 'Classic' , we extract the most exact elements from past classic designs that with stood the test of time to visually define the design positioning of the whole style.

Similarly, we made many attempts to define 'Casual' with expressions such as  'relaxing andlively' . Based on the core design principles of  ‘weight, truth, and balance’, we embedded physical properties of our daily life into the visual themes to enable each user to perceive the emotional charm of ‘Classic’and ‘Casual’.


We did not only pursue the beauty and cognition of each independent icon or design element, but considered the balance and rhythm of the whole design. To maintain a unified visual experience of the whole design, we worked with the Samsung headquarters in South Korea to repeatedly scrutinize the weight and shape of each icon for several weeks.

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