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Guangdong Telecom Mobile Internet Operations Center

China Telecommunications Corporation(China Telecom) is a large state-owned communications enterprise established inaccordance with China’s Telecom reform program. It is China’s largest fixed-line and data communications operator and the third largest mobile communications operator, and has the world’s largest fixed telephone network and data communications network. China Telecom Guangdong Branch is the largest provincial branch of China Telecom with total assets of nearly 100 billionyuan, and its annual revenue accounts for one fifth of that of China Telecom.

China Telecom Guangdong Mobile Internet Operations Center (Mobile Internet Operations Center) is a professional mobileInternet business operations team established in February 2012 by China Telecom Guangdong Branch to match the Group’s corporate strategic transformation andsuit the change in the market environment and the overall development of the enterprise. It is mainly responsible for operating Guangdong Telecom’s businesses such as Mobile Internet, value-added services, BizNavigator, Internet video andaudio.


The mobile Internet world requires the participation and commitment of operators. Here, only flexibility and quick response can win over the market, and enterprises' success depends on the reaction of users. So, attention must be given to users' suggestions and preferences in every aspect. To achieve the above, a telecom operator that has many departments, products and staff needs a set of systematic work measures. Due to successful cooperation with the Commercial Bank of China and Guangdong Mobile, TANG was invited by Guangdong Telecom Internet Operations Center to help it embed the user experience measure system and process.

How can we develop a flexible, scientific user experience management system at departmental levels?

Speed is the unbeatable weapon and the key to the development of current mobile Internet products, but how can we balance it with the large-volume management system of operators? It requires the operators to take advantage of their free channels and large customer bases as well as torapidly suit the change in users and to constantly improve themselves. Therefore, how to embed user experiences in the existing work processes of the Mobile Internet Operations Center became the primary issue to address.

How can we embed user experiencemethodologies into the company?

Currently, in China, the value of user experience is mainly reflected in product R&D and design. But in fact, agood Internet product also requires constant, effective marketing and operations. Therefore, how to improve the operation and marketing performance and customer satisfaction, through various research, design thinking and design management became another issue worth thinking about.

Our methods

We worked with the product team for three months to develop a flexible, practical user experience management system.

A management system that can be truly integrated into corporate culture can be better used by enterprises. Therefore,our consulting team worked with the front-line staff of the Mobile Internet Operations Center for three months to comprehensively understand its existing work rhythm, styles and cooperation methods to come up with practical and effective user experience management system plans. Through long-term and close cooperation between both sides, we finally developed an experience management process mechanism (including all parts from product conception, R&D, operations, marketing and promotion) that integrates products and services of all business divisions and is managed by the experience management team).

Application of user experience thinking to operations and marketing

Different from product design, operations and marketing don’t have a specific, stable physical medium, but constantly change with the interaction they have with users. So, to achieve better performance in management, operations and marketing, it’s necessary to conceive and manage with touch-point experience thinking. We explored all marketing channels of the Mobile Internet Operations Center to discover their characteristics, then analyzed the marketing performance of each channel, developed marketing touch-point management rules and methods, and finally achieved the objective of improving targeted marketing and marketing performance.

Proving value with practical results 

In this project, with Telecom products such as Mobile Email, Surfing Share and Palm Shoot as pilot programs, transformation and innovation are made through a user experience research and design processto test and verify the effectiveness of each new mechanism. During the later stages of the project, the new work process helped improve nearly 50 design points of Mobile Email, greatly improved Surfing Share in terms of the first page bounce rate and customer satisfaction, and helped clarify the positioning ideasand improvement paths for products such as Palm Shoot. The practical results will help Guangdong Telecom Mobile Internet Operations Center implement the user experience methodologies in its future work and help its products and services gain a positive reputation and loyalty from users in the intensely competitive market. 

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