Lenovo K900 | New desktop

In-depth customization of Lenovo flagship smartphones


Lenovo unveiled the K900, alarge-screen, ultra-thin, high-performance smartphone in early 2013. The product made a dazzling entrance at CES 2013 in January.

TANG has designed the user interface(UI) named‘Dark Shine’ for the K900. From visual explorations in the earlystages, to product positioning and concept design, we centered our brainstorming on the K900’sfeatures such as ultra-thin, fast, large screen and sharp.


Those who have seen the K900 for the first time are easily attracted by its ultra-thin design.  During the design, we fully considered how to achieve a visual balance between a distinctive hardware design and the UI. Wetried to match a variety of shapes and colors and took elements from classic industrial designs. We hoped that this UI would not only be pure decoration, but deliver industrial aesthetics to consumers and enable the entire product experience to be filled with a feeling of quality.

As for the presentation of core icons, we thoroughly explored every possibility to match the unique sense of shape of the K900. While not losing brand personality, we reduced excessive decoration of elements in accordance with the design philosophy of simplicity and tidiness to ensure a unified sense of rhythm.

Usually, extremely personalized designs will cause difficulty in product use and awareness. To facilitate the understanding of our design, we systemized core icons through careful use of colors and common elements to integrate these elements into daily use.

Finally, we customized a unique but friendly visual system for the K900, where modern elements are implemented inevery detail of the interface.

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